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‘Dancing Heart’ Ensemble

Founder & Artistic Director: Karen Johnson - Flute
Artistic Co-Director: Carlos-Cesar Rodriguez - Piano

"From Poulenc to Piazzolla breaks musical frontiers.  As each piece was presented, the audience
was educated by each artist's words and then enlightened by the amazing performance!

You all brought such great passion, devotion, and entertainment to your pieces
and the selections were inspiring and exciting…

Dancing Heart rocked the Hylton Performing Arts Center…with
an amazingly innovative and appealing program…

Our ensemble grew out of a shared fervor to perform exciting, innovative music which transforms audiences and performers alike, so our ten (10) programs reflect this passion. We commission works, add our personal touch with new arrangements of existing pieces, and combine works around various captivating themes.  We also believe that audiences love to be informed and engaged, so we are informal, accessible and interactive.  Here are some reflections about our programs, with full details on the following pages.

Our admiration for the talent of living composers, for instance, inspired a collaboration with Kenneth Frazelle and David Froom, who join us on stage in an enriching celebration of their music through informal and intimate exchange,  in a program we call Meet the Composers. Another program, The Contemporary Mystic, centers on music with mystical origins/leanings – it features the U.S. premiere of Formas del Viento, commissioned by a worldwide consortium of percussionists which includes our own John Kilkenny. Music and the Elements explores the relationship between the elements (earth, water, fire, air) and mysticism - as expressed through music.  We also offer a program dedicated to works by Jewish composers (Neshama – Soul). In other programs, we feature a soprano who dazzles us with the unmatched elegance and beauty of the most glorious instrument of all – the human voice!  And through it all, we have our audiences clap rhythms, ask questions, share their comments and experiences, and have a wonderful time!

Of the ensemble February 2011 performance at the Hylton Center, the executive director said:  “Dancing Heart" rocked the Hylton Performing Arts Center on February 20 with an amazingly innovative and appealing program.  Not only are they superb musicians, they are also highly entertaining and informative - our patrons were wildly enthusiastic about their experience! “(Jean Kellogg)

- Detailed Program.
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